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Featured Expert Sessions

Lisa Giruzzi

Best selling author, coach, and co-host of the EMS Leadership Summit and co-founder of the EMS Leadership Academy.  

Dr. Peter Antevy

As a progressive EMS medical director in Southern Florida who is has a passion for EMS health and safety, for both patients and providers. 

Dr. Nadine Levick, MPH

An EM physician, interdisciplinary researcher and EMS safety innovator. Dr Levick relocated from New York City to Israel mid 2018, as Director of Research and Innovation in Emergency Health Services. 

Robbie MacCue, MBA, FP-C

A flight paramedic, past board-member and co-founder of the EMS Leadership Academy. 

David Daniels

A safety professional for over 25 years, primarily in public sector organizations across the US, he holds a masters degree in Human Resources Management. David is the founder of ID2Solutions, certified Safety Director, and delegate to the National Safety Council.

Deb Dittner, FNP-C

A leading expert on nutrition and performance, Deb has coached professional athletes on improving their performance. She's not only a family nurse practitioner, she's also a holistic health counselor, author, and reiki master.

James Boomhower

As a Flight Paramedic, and advocate, James has a strong desire to bring mental health awareness to the EMS arena creating the Fit for Duty training and to implement a peer support program in his workplace.

Wendy Lund, RN, MSc

Wendy shares her 20+ years in paramedic education and masters degree in mindfulness studies to discuss how we can improve provider health and resiliency. 

Geoff Murphy

Founder of Master Your Medics, an online community for clinical EMS education. Geoff will interview infectious disease expert, Dr. Hudson Garrett Jr a physician and EMS provider, to provide clinical insights for prehospital providers.


Kathleen McLean, MBA, CSW

A seasoned executive who inspires organizations to develop their leaders and employees to the best of their ability; thereby improving morale, reducing turnover and increased profits.

Jason Brooks

COO of DT4EMS, Jason shares why it's important for organizations to prepare their staff to recognize / de-escalate / escape / defend themselves when faced with a violent situations.

David Dalton

Paramedic, video production expert, and leading authority on safe patient restraint gives his insights into how to best protect your providers, patients, and organization.

Caleb Nelson

Owner of Purebred Athletics explains how you and your department can stay fit for first response with an anti-dogmatic approach to fitness.

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  • A behind the scenes look at how Cleveland Clinic's hospitals are transforming their culture to empower every caregiver to make improvements every day.
  • How to combat burnout and stop toxic attitudes before they spread.
  • Learn the best tools to develop Emotional Intelligence and how that has a direct impact on an organization's front line personnel.
  • Learn practical tools to educate your community and elected officials to further develop trust.
  • How the Standards for Excellence® code of ethics and accountability can build public trust and public support. Learn all about the 6 major areas of nonprofit governance and management that leading national associations have used to create thriving organizations. 
  • What is mindfulness and how can you use it in the most try and difficult moments you'll face as a leader

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Robbie MacCue & Lisa Giruzzi

As co-founders of the EMS Leadership Academy, hosts of the EMS Leadership Summit, and innovative educators they have once again teamed up to bring leading authorities and thought leaders from EMS and healthcare together and deliver the best EMS Safety advice to providers and organizational leaders. If you are ready to put in the work, we're here to show you the way!

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How’d You Like To Access World-Class EMS Health & Safety Masterclasses?

These sessions will show you health and safety practices that top people in the industry use and recommend. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.